When you are about to sell your old dental crowns, your first question is: what is my dental scrap worth? For dentists all around the country who have old gold crowns from their patients, it is profitable to send them in for refining.

When it comes to determining the value of your dental gold scrap, it can be hard because different alloys are used in making dental crowns. Typically, dental gold alloys range in the 10 to 22 karat range with 16 karat gold being the most common. Silver-colored alloys are also used on crowns and bridges and they also have high precious metal content. Despite their color, they may have a fairly sizeable proportion of gold or be made with other precious metals like platinum or palladium. Another factor that determines the value of your dental crown is the company you sell it to.  If you sell it to the same company that is supplying you with other dental products, then they are probably just going to take a cut and pass the crowns to a precious metal refiner. However, if you only have one or two, they may batch it with crowns and bridges from other dentists as many refiners will not accept small quantities.