Get the most out of your dental scraps by selling it to a reputable dental refinery company. If you want to receive the right amount of cash for dental scraps, learn the three W’s surrounding it.

  • What dental scrap to sell – There is a wide variety of dental work that contain a percentage of precious metals. These include dental crowns and bridgework, dentures, inlays, clasps, fillings, gold teeth, grindings, polishings, bars, amalgam and other metal extractions.
  • When to sell your dental scrap – You would glad to know that even a fraction of gold in your dental scrap can command thousands of dollars. It is always a great time to earn extra money because gold is always a valuable investment.
  • Why sell your dental scrap – If you are looking for an extra opportunity to earn money out of something you thought is wortless, sell your dental scrap to a refinery now.