You have been saving all the old dental work you can find in your dentist office so it could yield you thousands of dollars. You surely don’t want to be shortchanged by dealing with the wrong dental metal refining company. Look for one that observes honest valuation and fast turnover of payment. Here are important qualities to look for in them.

  • Companies that use state-of-the-art facilities to valuate precious metal content in all types of dental work are likely to offer the correct payment. They have the ability to determine how much precious metal your old dental work contains so that you get the best payout.
  • Companies that offer a “money back guarantee” are ideal to work with. This means that in case you are unsatisfied with the quote they give you, you could ask them to send you back the package you gave them.
  • There are also companies that offer free shopping. When you order an envelope for them that will serve as the receptacle for the dental crown, it will arrive at your doorstep within a couple of days and they pay for the shipping.