If you are undecided as to what to do with all the old dental works lying around in your office, you could sell them to dental metal refining company and get paid for it. What you thought as trash could actually turn into cash! Here is what you need to know about what to sell and when to sell it.

What to sell

You can sell dental scrap extractions, amalgam, bars, polishings, grindings, gold teeth, filings, clasps, inlays, dentures, bridge work and dental crowns. The semi-precious metal it contains will be extracted in a way that ensures you maximum yield for every piece of dental work you have. Your dental trash may contain gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

When to sell

There is really no wrong time to sell your dental scraps. Most dental customers tend to ship their scrap a maximum of three times per year. It is advisable that you advance the frequency of shipping these items depending on your financial needs.