Did you know that your old dental work contains enough precious metal content to make it valuable enough to sell? Dental crowns, bridges and gold fillings have value and could net thousands of dollars if you have many of them stashed in your dental office.

But how much gold is in a dental crown? Its value really depends on how much precious metals it contains. Also, its weight and the type of alloy used to make the dental scrap also factor in its value. While the weight factor is straight forward enough, the type of alloy used adds a lot of variability to this equation. The types of alloys are divided into the level of their precious metal content. They could be classified as precious, semi-precious and non-precious. As the client, it is impossible for you to know exactly what type of alloy has been used to make the dental work. This is where the expertise of a dental scrap refining comes in because they have the process and equipment to determine the value of your old dental work.