Star Refining is one of the largest, most respected collectors and processors of precious metals in the United States and Canada. We can have a Star Refining Local Representative arrange a personal pickup for most locations throughout the United States and Canada.

Star Refining is a main line refiner as well as a market leader in acquiring materials from the dental industry and boasts the largest network of representatives serving dental offices across the USA. In addition, you get the highest prices by cutting out the middleman and dealing directly with the refiner.

If you have mail in crowns or material we can evaluate we will make an offer for you within 24 hours of receipt. For all other materials requiring a melt and refine you will receive an assay report and payment within 15 working days. There are certain materials such as dental crowns which our representatives are able to value and pay for right in your office.

Star Refining provides free of charge FedEx shipping, shipping materials and 100% insurance coverage.

A dedicated team of support and refining professionals is available to answer your questions. If you are a dental office, dental laboratory or jeweler, you can talk to your local Star Group repre-sentative, or you can call Star directly at 888-781-6776 for more information.