Terms and Conditions: Guaranteed to PAY MORE than any competitor

Star Group Refining Guarantees to pay more than any competitor for the same items. If a customer proves a higher offer from another company, by the method described below, then Star Group Refining will match that bid and pay a further 25% of the difference to the customer. Star Group Refining makes this offer to customers in good faith and confidence that it is paying better prices. The company is also aware of the nature of the materials and fluctuation of prices. Accordingly, the following terms and conditions determine what constitutes sufficient and acceptable proof of such higher offer. The comparison offer needs to comply with the following:

1. A written quotation on the competitive company letterhead, signed by a representative of the company, including the following:

  • Weight
  • Categorization and description of the material being bid for
  • Date of the offer (which must have been made within the last month prior to the Star Refining offer)

2. The customer needs to demonstrate that the materials bid are the same as the materials being presented to the Star Group representative for evaluation.

This includes agreement in terms of:

  • Weight
  • Categorization and description of the material being bid for

3. This offer applies to dental waste only.

4. In comparing the price quoted by a competitor Star Group reserves the right to adjust its own bid and that of the competitor to bring the different market prices as of the dates of each bid into line with the market price at the time of comparison.

5. This offer only applies where the competitor’s offer, as presented in writing by the customer, is no more than 30 days old.

6. All prices are to be according to the official current prices issued by the London Metal Exchange.

7. This offer does not apply to materials clearly. misidentified by a competitive quote. Including crowns that are not precious at all, crowns that are identified as yellow crowns which are white crowns etc.

8. Any judgments required in evaluating materials and comparing bids are at the sole and final discretion of Star Group Refining, whose personnel shall do so in a fair and professional manner.

9. The liability of Star Group under this guarantee is limited to 25% of the amount of its original bid.

10. This offer and terms and conditions are to be contrued and interpreted pursuant to the laws of the State of Connecticut.