When we think of selling gold, we immediately think large gold bars. However, did you know that your old dental crowns and bridges could be sold for their gold content? The weight of gold in it could fetch you thousands of dollars. Here is how you can turn your scraps into instant cash.

  • Once you found your old dental scraps, you need to find dental refinery that will buy it from you. As much as possible, avoid dealing with middlemen because you don’t get to take home the full amount of the dental scrap.
  • Look for insured mailing. You will need to send your dental scrap to the refinery and the best way to do it is via insured mailing. The refinery should send you a package that you can send back to them.
  • Think about the appraisal. Once you send in your dental scraps, they would conduct a valuation to determine how much they are worth. Once they send in their offer, you can think about it and inquire if this is really a fair price.