Do you happen to have old dental crowns just sitting on your drawers? Did you know that you could sell gold crowns and earn money from it? The hidden metal inside dental crowns is sometimes made from precious metal alloy. Here is a guide on how to go about selling scrap dental gold.

  • Look for the best dental refinery – There is an upswing on the number of businesses buying scrap dental work. A simple search on the Internet will point you towards local stores that happen to offer the service you are looking for.
  • Know how the company takes gold crowns – There are companies out there that let you send your crowns, bridges or other dental restorations via mail. They will then send you a check based on the value of the gold crowns you sent them.
  • Learn how your dental scrap will be valued – The value of precious metals often changes. The price that your dental gold will be given depends on the current market activity.