In this tough economic time, it is best to look for unexpected ways on how to earn money. For those who didn’t know that they could sell gold crowns, here is what you can do to earn money out of it.

  • There are companies out there that offer a guarantee. This means that if they feel that the amount they paid you isn’t fair, you can return the uncashed check within the allowed time frame.
  • Selling your dental crown is convenient because you can simply ship it to the refiner. After you selected a refinery, check their website and ask for instructions on how to ship the gold crowns. You can simply fill out the form and include it with your shipment. Make sure that you pack the contents of your shipment securely.
  • Make sure you document your shipment. The thing you can do is to itemize your package’s contents. You can simply take a photograph of the items to have proof.