Sell Gold Crowns

If you have scrap gold jewelry, you can sell it and make money out of it. Instead of just letting it sit on your bureau, gathering dust, look for ways on how you can earn out of it. For those who happen to have old dental restorations such as crowns, bridges and partials, these actually do have value. Sell gold crowns now and be surprised at what you can earn.

For those who didn’t know, old dental crowns contain precious metal. Is it worthy enough for you to sell gold crowns to refinery? Yes! If you work at a dental office or is a dentist yourself, you would be glad to know that millions of dollars have been paid to dentists around the world when they sell gold crowns.

Star Group Financing: Your Trusted Dental Refining Service

Sell gold crowns today to a trusted dental refining company. They have state-of-the-art facility to make scrap precious metal go through the complete refining process. The gold crowns would be weighed, sorted and analyzed to make sure that the best amount of gold is taken out of the scrap dental work. The refining process involves inspecting and rechecking the metalin a thorough and documented manner.

For those who are looking for the world’s most trusted dental refinery service, Star Group Financing is here for you. We buy dental crowns from dental offices through our various valuation consultants located around USA and Canada. We have over 20 years of experience in the business of buying broken crowns, bridges, PFMs, PFGs or other precious or semi-precious materials. If you want to know sell gold crowns, send it to us here at Star Group Financing.

Get Cash When You Sell Gold Crowns To Us!

Star Group Financing is the trusted name in dental refinery that has paid millions to dentists all around the country. We are the best company to approach if you are looking for a buyer of your old dental scraps. We have valuation consultants located throughout the USA and Canada. We offer traditional fast turnaround mail, refine and pay service. Call us now if you want to know how to sell gold crowns and other valuable items.



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