There are two major reasons to sell gold dental crowns, bridges and inlays, and these are the following:

  • Some people do not know that removed crowns and bridges (even if they still come with their root) can be a good source of money. Instead of putting them directly to the trash bin, it is wise for dental clinics and individuals to keep their dental metal scraps and call the most reliable and seasoned dental metal refiners.
  • Selling the used and unwanted dental metal scraps instead of just throwing them away is definitely an eco-friendly way to dispose them. One does not only gain money but also help reduce the amount of junk that contains metal elements.

For dental clinics and individual clients who are really eager to sell whatever dental metal scraps they have on-hand, one of the trusted and reputable providers that collect, appraise, refine and buy dental scraps is Star Group Refining.